Iridescent Personality - Part II

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Iridescent Personality - Part II

It is possible to trace the steps of a person’s life by delving into documents and diaries. We can read the birth certificates. We can memorize the accomplishments and quote the passages. These artefacts are useful, but they do not tell us about a person’s soul or about what really mattered to them during a lifetime. These words on paper are like nails that construct a framework for a life, but they do not fill the structure. They do not put the “life” into the lifetime.

Many people will say that they cannot identify what draws them to a person, whether the attraction is professional, political, or personal. They can only say that some unnamed property of speech or dress pulls them there. I believe that I have identified the quality that engages me. I know what my spirit looks for in another person. It is iridescence.

“Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss....” He turned to me. “But every once in a while, you find someone who's iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.”

The dictionary defines iridescence very simply: displaying a play of lustrous colours, like those of the rainbow. There is greater texture and meaning to the word. It sings through otherwise monotonous tasks. It paints with a vivid palette across the context of time. It knows, instinctively, when a phrase can motivate others. Certain concepts in science are like the drone of a bagpipe, played underneath all of the science like a single note.

Iridescence, that property that turns an otherwise ordinary ray of sunlight into a symphony, is present in many of the people that surround me. Children and young adults seem to be more willing to accept the brilliance and texture of iridescence in their lives. It is why they pick up foreign languages and musical instruments more readily than older adults. Even so, adults who have committed themselves to growth, art, progress, and education live more lustrous lives than those who have not. Many members of my family are iridescent. They don’t just play music; they are music. They don’t just tell a joke; they are joy. They don’t just plant a seed; they create an environment for growth.

Some embraced the flavour and spice of luxurious textures when they were young, but when they grew older they preferred a life less challenging. Because iridescence demands something in return from those who linger in its embrace: that you search out the fire in others. It requires you to help others develop and grow into the multi-dimensional beings that they are. It asks you to inspire. Some people can put on a veneer of iridescence, but it is not the same. You can tell the difference between a person who wears brilliant colours, and yet shines from within, and one who does not. It is like a blue snow cone—artificial and unnatural. But if you see real glaciers, you can see that ice is not colourless. It can be the colour of a baby’s blanket or the tones of teal or aquamarine.

Iridescence can be demonstrated in a voice, in movement, in a laugh. Iridescent people pull the best from others. They sparkle, but they also reflect, and it is that reflection that shows the real essence of a life. Like a prism filling a room full of rainbows, iridescence fills the frame of a lifetime. I believe that you are iridescent. I believe that your light is not artificial, nor is it superficial.

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